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Medical Travel & The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers around the world are treating international patients who travel to receive the medical treatment they need.

The marketing and positioning of services and a company’s profile are critical to growth and survival in a constantly evolving market with a number of mature and experienced health providers.


We excel in advising how you can improve the service you provide to international patients.


You will gain a deep understanding of the international patient experience, you will be able to compare your hospital or clinic against other providers and you will be ideally placed to make improvements in your patient communication and level of service.


By achieving all these factors and ensuring positive patient referrals, your business will grow organically.


Healthcare "word of mouth" marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing.


92% of people trust recommendations from family and friends.

How Can We Help?

Let us answer your most important questions:

  • How can you create an international patient department?

  • How can you improve your patient services?

  • What kinds of medical tourists can you attract?

  • Which countries should you target to attract patients?

  • What types of surgical procedures should you offer?

  • What countries are good sources of patients?

  • What price should your surgical packages be?

  • Which services are patients most likely to want?

  • Do your staff have the skills needed to succeed?

  • What are the legal implications?

  • What if the surgical procedure goes wrong?

  • What marketing documentation should you provide to patients?

  • What follow-up should you give the patient?

  • What documentation should you provide to patients post-surgery?

  • Practical advice to make your medical travel business more profitable

  • Understanding the special needs of different nationalities

  • Considering relationships and contracts with non-medical partners (hotels, transport, etc.)

  • Facilitating press trips for representatives from the media


Key areas we excel in:

  • Market research (including treatments, target markets, prices and competitors)

  • SWOT analysis

  • Branding/rebranding (including vision, logo and PR)

  • Cost efficient offline marketing - printed documentation and advertising

  • Online marketing - website, SEO and targeted advertising

  • Website design, content, pictures and language

  • Establish partnerships - contracts, pricing and process

  • Legal documentation - patients, suppliers, clinics, accommodation, logistics etc.

  • Creating a patient information pack

  • Step-by-step patient communication (from the initial enquiry to the after-care stage)

  • Ensuring a steady patient flow

  • Excelling in patient services - from the enquiry stage to the completion of surgery

  • Achieve patient satisfaction, retention and loyalty

  • Solutions to improve the effectiveness of marketing and promotions

  • Marketing and brand positioning strategies

  • Creating demand and visibility for hospitals, clinics, surgeons – e.g. new services and markets

  • Representation through public relations, events and conferences

  • Editorial write-ups and press releases including distribution to various media sources


If you would like to know how we can assist you to meet your objectives in the medical travel and international patient market, please contact us at

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